James McCrone.

NoirPolitik Thrillers, by James McCrone
Dark Network
-and- Faithless Elector

Where there is no law, there’s only power.

And when power becomes the true north, it does not necessarily gather the great nor the good to its cause.

In simpler times, part of the tension in Cold War thrillers was supplied by the conflicted protagonists who worked in an apolitical penumbra limning dark and light, wrong and right. In the best of those thrillers, the objective was often something limited, though ostensibly in service to a greater objective. The darkness of those thrillers lay in how simply the protagonists could lose their way in a maze of Realpolitik concerns and ambitions.

Today, we have all migrated to that thin grey line, and it’s not only operatives who toil in half-truth, innuendo and limited objectives. Truth is situational, facts are partisan, the electorate is atomized, weaponized…and possibly armed.

Call this new era “NoirPolitik.” Fighting to win every point, we lose sight of the objective; forget there is a larger picture.

In such instances, the rule of law depends on seemingly quaint notions of forbearance, on faith in institutions, and that faith has been undermined for thirty years or more.

In the Imogen Trager thrillers Faithless Elector and Dark Network (and the forthcoming Emergency Powers), Agent Trager must navigate a spiteful, malicious and mendacious thug culture to right the Ship of State. She can’t know whom - nor which facts - to trust.

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